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Masque de Femme lamp

Masque de Femme lamp

Clear crystal, chrome finish

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The Masque de Femme panel created by René Lalique in 1935 embodies the imaginative power of its creator who was fascinated by women and nature. It reveals the face of a mysterious woman with delicate features, surrounded by an aquatic fauna. The masque de femme was created to adorn the Coutard fountain in 1935.

Product information

  • Clear Crystal, Silvered finish (Chromed)
  • Dimensions: H 40.8 x L 37 x W 15 cm
  • Weight: 20.699 kg
  • LED Strips x 3
  • 16 watts
  • 580 lumens
  • Protection rating: IP20
  • Color temperature: 2700°K to 4100°K
  • Neutral or warm light
  • Dimmable lighting: the dimming of the light intensity is done by a long pressing on the metallic structure of the lamp.
  • Handcrafted in France

Reference: 10552000

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