Elizabeth de Portzamparc

This Franco-Brazilian artist has a global approach to architecture and design, embracing sociology, ecology and sustainable development. A vision of art without frontiers. Since its very beginnings, Lalique has continually broken down the barriers between different areas of expertise and different styles. This unprecedented dialogue has given rise to an exceptional piece in Lalique crystal. Two years ago, the architect finalised the Musée de la Romanité, in the heart of Nîmes. The façade of this cultural institution plays with the silver reflections and the interplay of transparency and opacity: this is a direct tribute to the works of René Lalique. Today, the story comes full circle, as the artist does us the honour of presenting an exclusive creation. Welcome to Tandrillah.

OUR COLLABORATION with Elizabeth de Portzamparc gives birth to Tandrillah. It is all lightness, as it undulates, twists and soars. Unique in form and luminosity, Tandrillah is a distillation of more than thirty years of experimentation by Elizabeth de Portzamparc. Born of the encounter between Elizabeth de Portzamparc’s imagination and Lalique’s expertise, Tandrillah is the crystallization of a new adventure in the Crystal Architecture collection. Since 2014, this collection has brought together original concepts by the greatest creative forces in architecture.