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Bouquet interior panel

Bouquet interior panel

Clear crystal, satin finish glass, large size

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The Bouquet interior panel is composed of a panel of tempered glass, which is satin-finished and hand-engraved.

This exquisite panel was inspired by a René Lalique design that decorated the carriages of the famous “Orient Express” train.

The Lalique INTERIOR DESIGN STUDIO uses the creative potential of crystal and a specific technology to adapt and personalise this interior panel for any bespoke project.

The presentation of the motif and the finish of the materials are based on an innovative concept of customisation to bring sparkle and poetry to each interior. The interplay of the satin finish and transparency offers varying degrees of privacy.

Product information

  • Clear Crystal, Satin
  • Dimensions: H 210 x L 100
    • Thickness from 1,2 to 1,9 cm for the crystal flowers
  • Weight: 67.0 kg
  • Handcrafted in France

Reference: 10302200

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