New decorative objects collection

Iconics Rose Nebula

Lalique reaffirms its audacity and pushes back the frontiers of its expertise by lustering its crystal in a dreamlike and surprising multi-dimensional pink: the Rose Nebula.


New jewellery collection

Aréthuse Rose Nebula

An absolute icon in square form, the Aréthuse crystal is reinvented in a pink lustered crystal medallion.


a new perfuming gesture

Soleil Vibrant Lalique

Soleil Vibrant Lalique is with you anywhere, anytime with the new nomadic formats.


The iconics

In the beginning, there is sand, fine sand that slips through the fingers. Then, time and people. A lot of time and a lot of people, at every stage of creation, so that the sand becomes crystal, the material transforms into light and our Millésime come to life.

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