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Limited and Numbered Edition

Eternal Memento, Damien Hirst & Lalique, 2017

Eternal Memento, Damien Hirst & Lalique, 2017

Clear crystal

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Through the 'Eternal' collection, the British artist Damien Hirst presents a series of motifs that can be read as emblematic of the cycle of life, rendered eternal in Lalique crystal.

Eternal Memento, like Eternal Sleep, depicts an adult skull whose forehead is decorated with the shape of an inverted teardrop around which smaller shapes cluster in a petal-like formation.

Here, Hirst combines the imagery of classic memento mori with inspiration drawn from Aztec skulls and the Mexican love of decoration, as well as their attitude towards mortality.

The panel Eternal Memento can be displayed in a number of ways; for example, mounted on an easel, framed and hung across a wall partition, or inset into a wall.

Product information

  • Clear Crystal
  • Dimensions: H 42 x l 38.5 x D 2 cm
  • Weight: 8.5 kg
  • Limited edition of 50 pieces, piece delivered with a certificate of authenticity mentioning its number
  • Handcrafted in France

Reference: 88059101

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